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Track prepare

Magnetic tape technology

CloudLaps based on magnetic field sensing technology. It allows users to set up more sectors on a single track with ease. The transponder has a built in high resolution magnetic sensor to detect the tape. When sensor goes over the tape, it generates a sector event and sends it to the cloud.

IMPORTANT! The CloudLaps device has to be placed parallel with the magnetic tape (and with the track).

Pay attention the label on the magnetic tape indicating sector time/finish time modes. Place the magnetic tape on the track accordingly.

Choosing the right magnetic tape

There are different thickness of magntic tapes, for diferent applications, consult bellow chart, and choose accordingly.  
The further the sensor is from the magnetic tape, the weaker the signal. In OFFROAD cars, this distance is typically higher than ONROAD.

Thickness of tape Max distance from sensor Application
OnRoad, on track surface
OnRoad, OffRoad, on track surface
OffRoad, on track surface or bridge
OffRoad, on track surface or bridge
N x 6mm
~ N x 12.5cm
Onroad / Offroad bridge

Application to track surface

Great! Now you know what tape you need. Next is to apply the tape or tapes to the track surface.

There are more methods available to prepare it, but our recommendation:

OnRoad Tracks: use 1.5 or 3mm thickness magnetic tapes.
We advice to apply duct tape over the magntic tapes, expecially over 4 racers

OffRoad Tracks: 4/6mm thickness magnetic tapes
– dig a groove to the ground to make the tape flush to the surface.
– if digging is not an option, we suggest using the 6mm (or N timex 6mm for enhanced detection range) magnetic tape in a bridge over the track.