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Practice day 08-03-2020

Hello everyone,

We had a great, eventful testing day last Sunday. We wanted to test the placement of the transponder in various chassis, so tested scale F1, touring car, and buggy. The technology’s nature, that it is susceptible for magnetic fields. This brings the fact, that we have to keep it clear from the battery and motor wires, as well as the motor itself, and the servo’s motor (we tested it on a servo’s shaft side, away from the servo motor, and it did just fine).

With this I had some difficulties in my mod buggy, 6.5 boosted generates a lot of magnetic noise. Nevertheless, we found a spot on the buggy (up front, right near the steering column), that worked great, and had no problems after that.

Formula 1 chassis was a breeze to install the transponder, it fits just right under the steering bell crank ( Xray X1, chassis mounted steering assembly). Initially, the latest firmware tricked us, because it changed the detection distance (sensor sensitivity issue), but that has been ironed out yesterday, so now that performs just as well (bootloader upgrade).

Touring car was straight forward, because you can place the transponder to an interference free place. We opted to mount the transponder to the bumper’s top, that way it is safe from an impact, and still in an optimal distance from the magnet strip.

After that came the offline testing. The one, that we’ve anticipated a lot. We tried a couple free, and a demo version 3.rd party software, and they all worked flawlessly ( we tested LiveTime, Everlaps, ZRound this day, but we did bench test with the rest). It was quite an experience to watch the system working just as the big guns, with sector times, and everything.

The biggest challenge of the day was to keep track on the transponders that we handed out to racers to test the system 😀

Results in webapp:

Lastly, some pictures of the installations:
In the pictures, you can see the Basic, and the Pro stickers, but these are in fact the developer PRO+ versions

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