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Event news

  • AlbaRing practice 16-05-2020
    First Tarmac practice of the seasonHello everyone. Last Saturday, we managed to organize a closed-door training day for the racers inHungary on the Albaring track. The weather was very nice, hence the grip level was comfortable oncethe track was prepared. We decided to introduce 3 sectors to the track, showing off our capabilitie.The day went … Read More
  • 1:5 Practice day 14-03-2020
    The word for today, is LARGE-SCALE :DThis weekend we enjoyed the company of the large scale Offroad club of Hungary @ Ezerjo Ring in Mór. The boys had a season kickoff open day, where they showed around everyone in the realm of large scale ( I have to admit, I am contemplating heavily to start … Read More
  • Practice day 08-03-2020
    Hello everyone, We had a great, eventful testing day last Sunday. We wanted to test the placement of the transponder in various chassis, so tested scale F1, touring car, and buggy. The technology’s nature, that it is susceptible for magnetic fields. This brings the fact, that we have to keep it clear from the … Read More
  • Best timing system for RC cars
    It’s all relative. It depends on the application. IFMAR/EFRA races’ requirements are very high, but most other events’ are not so much. There are the joy riders, bashers, backyard racers, Club races, and those, who want to practice on their local track, without getting the bulky, and expensive timing system out too. The question is: … Read More
  • Accuracy proved: +- 0.001s
    12.01.2020 Walldorf school practice day We provided the timing system for the training day on 12.01.2020 in Göllner Walldorf school (HUN). A lot of, cars, even more sessions and as it turned out, suchfantastic accuracy it also suprised us. Levi’s car had two Cloudlaps pro devices, that we placed side by side. The relative accuracy … Read More