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CloudLaps Webapp

1. First startup

Activate free 1-year licence

All devices have a free 1-year licence.
Before using your transponder, you have to register it in web app/register. The 1-year licence is activated from first claim. Licence expiration can be viewed in create session after device add. Device ID is you unique ID what is on the device surface and it contains 8 numbers and characters. Cover photo example: a1b2c3e4


Buy licence

After the first year licence is expired.
If your device’s licence is due, then you can purchase other one. All webapp development will be available with the purchased licence.

2. Normal use

Session list

Session list and view is available worldwide. You can search for a session anywhere,making it easy to follow your favorite race or practiceYou can rename your session, making it easy to find, and track. The application development is continuous, expect to have frequent updates, new  functions and features.

Session details

Session details has all the data associated to the session. If session is ‘running’ the details will be updated realtime. You can stop/delete/clone the session with the password what you created at create session page.
Select the checkbox if you want sound notifications at finish times.

If you click on a racer’s name, a popup window appear with the details of all the sector and lap times.

Racer session details with sectors

Create and start session

Type in the session details:
– Session name, location, created by
– Duration in minutes
– Number of sectors
– Session password: to delete, stop, clone function
– Session type Race/qualify: the difference is in the first lap’s time. Race mode’s first lap time will be truncated, because the first registry from the start will be shorter then a full lap. Qualify is the standard timing of the predefined time interval.
– Min lap filter: minimum time spent before the system accepts a signal as a valid entry ( eg, 2s lapfilter means if 1 transponder trips the system 2 times in 2 sec, the system will filter it out)
– Add Device IDs to session

START (sound notification feedback signs the ready to receive data)