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Cloudlaps Virtual Decoder

NEW Cloudlaps Virtual Decoder 1v3

You accept automatically with download Cloudlaps Virtual Decoder licence.

1. Quick overview

The CloudLaps Virtual Decoder is a pc software, that enables the CloudLaps transponders to be used in offline mode, without internet connection.This virtual decoder can be connected with several lap timing software ( for compatibility, please refer to compatibility chart)

quick overview

2. Detailed overview

  • Capable of merging data with Mylaps/AMB and I-Lap decoder data
  • Lap time and up to 4 sector time registry
  • Windows, Linux and MacOS compatible
  • In and out communication can be done either on Ethernet, or on serial ports
  • The Virtual decoder is free to use, but the sale and/or modification of the software is prohibited
Detaild overview

3. Program setup and start

  • connect your decoder (if any) to your pc or local network
  • Start Cloudlaps Virtual Decoder (requirement JAVA 8 |
  • Start Cloudlaps local server on your PC’s IP address, select from list (Enable firewall extensions if needed)
  • Setup decoder handlers and start it
  • Connect to CloudLaps Virtual Decoder with your own lap timing software

4. Compatibility chart

The CloudLaps Virtual Decoder based on software independent protocols, but due to the particularities of different lap timing software, it is not working the same way with all of them. Please see the bellow table for the tested modes, and the working configurations.

P3 mode

AMBrc/ Enhanced mode

I-Lap mode

Under developement
Under developement
Under developement
Not available
Under developement
Not available
Not available
Not available
Not available

i.) External tool: Virtual COM port, if needed

Just for Windows users.
Certain time keeping software requires Serial Port virtualisation, for example NextLevelTiming, FlipsideRacing, and XRacerFree. The Virtual Serial Port is required, so that the CloudLaps Virtual Decoder can communicate with the above mentioned software. To this, we recommend the com0com freeware to be used.

Should you have any question about the operation of the system, feel free to contact us on the support email address, or on Facebook.