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Sensor setup

Setup wifi connection

1 – Entering bootloader mode

Turn off the transponder, then hold the included magnetic bootloader strip to the logo. Turn the transponder on. If the bootloader mode entering was successful, the transponder will flash at a 5 fps rate. If failed to enter bootloader mode, the transponder LED will have a solid light( it entered to application mode) hence you have to restart the process from the top.

2Connect to Cloudlaps device

Open wifi settings on your wifi capable device ( laptop, tablet etc), and you should find a Cloudlaps hotspot there. Connect to the hotspot. 

Default password: 12345678

3Setup your Wifi connection

Open your web browser and visit the following url: 

(Please note that ‘https’ will not work. Bootloading will not work with same router address. )

Note your ‘Device ID!

Fill out the SSID and password of YOUR local wifi hotspot and click save. Wait for ‘Done’.

Restart the device!