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Preparing the sensor

Sensor placement tips and tricks

Important! The sensor has to be parallel with the magnetic tape (and the track)

Recommended placement in OnRoad car

Recommended placement in OffRoad car

If you are not sure where to install the transponder on you car, feel free to contact customer support.

Possible causes of measurement distortions

The transponder based on magnetic technology, hence it is sensitive to magnetic fields. These can cause it to measure false lap times.

dc motors
high current ESC
servo has dc motor
high current cables

After the installation of the transponder, before the first use, you have to test, if the installation is done correctly. If the transponder is placed inproperly, it can detect false signals from the above mentioned magnetic field sources, for example, it is too close to the drive motor. To test the functionality of the transponder, create a blank session on your cloud connected device (Phone, tablet etc), and start driving on the track. If you see any other time regisered, that is not triggered by the magnetic strips, then you have to relocate the transponder within the car. This testing only has to be done at the initial installation, not required later on.