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AlbaRing practice 16-05-2020

First Tarmac practice of the season

Hello everyone. Last Saturday, we managed to organize a closed-door training day for the racers in
Hungary on the Albaring track. The weather was very nice, hence the grip level was comfortable once
the track was prepared. We decided to introduce 3 sectors to the track, showing off our capabilitie.
The day went without any issues, in fact, we sort of saved the day, because the track’s lap timing system was down, so they relied on our system for the day.
We again tested both online, and offline part of the Cloudlaps, and both performed as we expect it. It is
safe to say, the transponders worked without any problems. In fact, we conducted an ad-hoc durability
test as well, one of the stock cars almost lost it’s transponder, hence it started to rub away on the
tarmac. It looked quite bad because it has been dragged for a good lap or so, the LED was gone, but the
device itself kept working! Actually, the driver finished the whole day with the damaged transponder,
and it didn’t skip any laps. We are super happy with the test result.

Tape placement. We have had numerous questions about whether the tapes ductaped onto the tarmac
will be a liability or not. We had an educated guess, that the tape will not interfere with the model’s
handling, but we were not sure. Well, now we know for sure, that it does absolutely nothing to the
touring cars, they could not notice it. I was a bit nervous with the F1, because that has different
suspension, lower ride height, etc. I went on the podium, started to rive, and…. Nothing. There was no
detectable drawback with the F1 from the magnetic tapes, no car jumping, no unexpected behavior,
nothing, like the tapes were not even there. Of course, you have to pay attention to your front wing,
because if that is low, then it will scrape against the tape.

All in all, it was a great training day, we will return in 2 weeks for another training session.

Everybody stay safe.

Online results:

Offline Everlaps results:

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