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Accuracy proved: +- 0.001s

12.01.2020 Walldorf school practice day

We provided the timing system for the training day on 12.01.2020 in Göllner Walldorf school (HUN). A lot of, cars, even more sessions and as it turned out, suchfantastic accuracy it also suprised us. Levi’s car had two Cloudlaps pro devices, that we placed side by side. The relative accuracy was +- 0.001s :O OMG. We were interested in mylaps accuracy… Results are available on webapp. Before you view that, note the devices had been placed to other cars within session time! Firmware 1.24.138 fix the 0:00.000 times bug!


Best measured time in day:
00:11.973 László Vári – Buggy

Practice day pictures: