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1:5 Practice day 14-03-2020

The word for today, is LARGE-SCALE 😀

This weekend we enjoyed the company of the large scale Offroad club of Hungary @ Ezerjo Ring in Mór. The boys had a season kickoff open day, where they showed around everyone in the realm of large scale ( I have to admit, I am contemplating heavily to start racing 1/5 after this event 😀 ) They were very friendly, and their rigs were amazing.

Naturally, CloudLaps was present as well, providing times to anyone who asked for it. This was the first time we had to test the system with the big rigs. Initially we had to think about where  to place the transponders to have a solid detection, but we found a suitable place in all of the cars, after all, they are huge,so there were plenty of space.

We have also discovered, that high power cables, such as mains extensions also can interfere with the magnetic detection, so this is something to bear in mind. We had one false lap reading, because I drove over an extension cable, that was plugged in, and had a load on it. 

We also experimented with the magnetic tape placement. We wanted to use some steel railings to protect the magnetic tape, but the metal rail distorted the magnetic field, and the transponders could not read the signal. We got rid of the metal bar, and all worked great.

We used the 6mm magnetic tape on this event, because the large scale cars have enormous ground clearance. After getting rid of the iron bar from above the tape, the 6mm thickness was sufficient, it provided solid signal detection, no additional tape was needed.

 All in all, it was a great day, with a lot of dust, friendly banter, and a lot of get to know the other guy’s stuff.

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